Mitsubishi asx

The Mitsubishi ASX was launched in 2010 however, it just made it to the Kenyan market  a couple of months ago. Currently it is sold exclusively by Simba Colt motors Ltd  at their Mombasa road show room. At Simba colt there are 2 versions of this car; the deluxe package and super deluxe package that sells for a very modest amount considering its competitors.

The car is the successor to the brilliant Mitsubishi Outlander that had become a favorite for so  many Kenyans in the last few years.
Our choice: ASX 2.0 DOHC


The ASX’s design was inspired by the EVO X, hence this goes without saying that the car is very attractive and easy to the eye. The bold lines, aggressive looking eyes and brutish front grille make it look like growly, angry and powerful. Ok, maybe not the best words to use, but to me all those words mean good things.

The interior is also very well styled although it looks a bit too minimalist it ensures ease of use, everything you need to use is within arm’s length.The radio , air conditioning dials the cruise control have all been positioned for the drive with only two arms. When you look at some of the competition this may not be the case.

The down side to the ASXs design is the dull, scratchy plastic found in the interior, which sets back allowing the  Nissan Quashqi to edge through.


The Car is quite stable on the highway, however some body roll can be felt on the winding roads. The 2.0 liter 16 valve inline 4 engine offers sufficient power at relatively low RPM. This combines with the smooth CVT gear box ensures a smooth ride all the way. The softer suspension provides for a better ride than the Subaru XV which we found to have a harsher ride however if you import this car on your own, be sure to have the shocks and coil springs changed as the Japanese spec version utilizes firm suspension with a shorter stroke for added stability.

The super deluxe package comes with paddle shifters for those who fancy a sportier drive.



The Mitsubishi ASX is loaded with safety kit incuding stability control, traction control, Isofix child seat mounting points, brake assist, a passenger airbag deactivation switch and a complement of seven airbags (Super deluxe), including one for the driver’s knees. Although the outer shell may feel a bit light the chassis is reinforced with an aluminum cage, ensuring that the car is stong to withstand any impact it may come across. The car scored 5 starts in the Euro NCAP impact (Maximum score on safety) scoring maximum points on side impact. The Mitsubish Mivec engine has been know to fare very well in the Kenyan driving condition  and thats why you still see very old KATs and KASs on the road to this point.


With a 442-litre boot the Mitsubishi ASX is one of the most practical models in the class, although it fails to match the Skoda Yeti when the rear seats are folded.. The rear bench can be split and also incorporates a ski hatch, but there are no straps or netting to secure smaller items. Still, there’s plenty of room for occupants, and thanks to the raised ride-height the Mitsubishi ASX can still tackle rough tracks with ease. Four-wheel drive is only available with the 1.8 and 2.2 diesels which are currently not available in Kenya. The car has large door bins for placing bottles and other items as well as a very spacious glove compartment.

The down sides can be noticed by the lack of  auto wind screen wipers and auto headlamps in the Kenyan spec models.

Running Costs

Mitsubishi claims that the car can do 15 Kilometers per litre however i was able to estimate about 12 kilometers per liter on very busy Mombasa road traffic. Mitsubishi parts may not be the easiest to find however on a car that rearly breacks down i dont think you will have to look for parts much.

All models are well equipped, and even the mid-range ASX  comes with cruise control, Bluetooth and climate control.


We concluded that the Mitsubishi ASX is a nice car however it does not offer much in additional extras. It still maintains it basic trend as its competitors seek to incorporate more technology into their models. Then again i guess that’s why the model costs much less that the competition.


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