Nissan Tiida- What you need to know before buying one

Nissan Tiida
Nissan Tiida

Nissan Tiida Car Review

Many Kenyans have been turning to small hatchbacks and compact salons in so as to get their daily driver cars for work and leisure.  If you go to the market today few other cars match the Nissan Tiida in terms of value for money. So if you are in the market for an Ex-japan import and want to spend less than Ksh 1million (Us$10,000) this is a very strong contender.

The Practicality 

The Nissan Tiida is a little car but has been very well spaced out on the interior giving it more space both the the passengers and the driver. The controls have been well positioned making everything easy to reach both AC and radio. The boot is much more spacious than that of  the Mazda Demio. The ride height may not be that great especially for Kenyan roads hence once you buy a Tiida you may want to buy some high strength springs to increase the ride height by just a few centimeters.This will also assist making the suspension a bit stiffer for our roads.

Nissan Tiida 15 inch wheels
Nissan Tiida 15 inch wheels

The Look

The Nissan Tiida is not a looker its not a pretty as the Demio nor the  Toyota Vitz or the Ist. its sharp lines and tortoise like design do not appeal to many Kenyans more so if you choose the salon option. However when you consider the looks of the interior you may be inclined to forgive the automaker’s design team for the few design blunders done on the outside.

Nissan Tiida
Nissan Tiida front side face

Driving, Engines & Performance

The Tiida comes in a couple of variants the top being the Latio and Axis variant which tend to be a bit more expensive. However the cars 1.5 L variant is more than enough for the Kenyan driving experience. The car is light so it does move a bit quicker from the stopping start despite is E-tronic  CVT gearbox. The car does quite decently with limited loads however you may struggle a bit on inclines while carrying a full load of passengers.

If you are looking for something really cheap to drive on the roads in terms of fuel efficiency the Nissan Tiida delivers 15kmpl very impresive. However if you are looking to have a bit more fun the 1.8 L 127HP version comes to mind and this will give you a respectable 12kmpl on average.

Nissan Tiida
Nissan Tiida Engine Bay

Reliability and Economy

The car is well built and very stable even at speed however this is where the Mazda Demio beats it a bit. For fuel economy as long as this car is well serviced you should report very good numbers even on the busy Nairobi roads. For servicing the Nissan Tiida will set you back at most Ksh 8000 (US$ 80) which is not a very bad number.

Nissan Tiida
Nissan Tiida

From the source to the home

The Nissan Tiida is a very decent car even from Japan you can easily get lower milage Tiida’s at a very good price . These cars a normally not over used so getting a car which is still in very good shape is fairly easy. With the new taxes imposed you will be looking at around Ksh 920,000 (Us$9200) if you are importing one for Ksh 400,000 (Us$4000). This is up from an average of Ksh 790,000 pre-excise tax changes.



The Tiida is a nice car, it may not be as fun to drive as the Demio or the Toyota Ist but the build quality is fantastic and the car performs really well on the road. If you are looking a good car below ksh 1 million this a very strong contender.

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Suitability for the market
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  1. I am having very serious fuel consumption issues with my nissan tiida 1.5 L. Its now doing 7 Km /L. I have checked all things in the engine including using the computer diagnostics and still cannot find the problem. Any advice?


  2. That’s high for the Tiida. Are you sure its a 1.5L?

    Well fuel consumption is in a great part affected by how you drive and the driving conditions. If you have a ‘lead foot’ your fuel consumption is always going to be higher. If you are always in traffic jams your consumption is always going to be higher.

    However it would be worth servicing the car, it could be that your air filter is dirty and needs replacement or your air intake valves need some cleaning. You also need to check the spark plugs and check if they are worn out and last but not least check your tire pressure. If you are driving with low tire pressure the car needs more energy to rotate the wheels hence higher consumption. Always check your tire pressure at least once every 2 weeks.

    These are all things that may not show up on an electronic diagnostics test..

    • I thanks for the valuable info.

      I have had this tiida 1.5L for 3 years. For over two years it was consuming very well, until a few months ago when i noticed the increase in consumption. So far, we have checked and changed plugs and put the new original iridium plugs it came with from Japan (12 k). We have checked the air filter, fuel filter and fuel pump, oxygen sensor, nozzles, the tyres are inflated to 30 and checked regularly.we have also cleaned the throttle. The mechanic is going through these issues stage by stage to check the fault but we have nit fund a solution

      What else can i check?

      • Have a look at this forum ( , just follow the train of conversation there could be something you many need to do about your driving. Your mech checked most of what needed checking for poor fuel mileage. Check if your gears are operating fine. You could be getting stuck at the lower end of the spectrum (RPM wise) more often than needed


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