The Mazda Demio Review

Mazda Demio
Mazda Demio

The Mazda Demio – All fun in a tiny little package

The Mazda Demio is a small hatchback made for the person living in the city. Its small body fame makes it suited for weaving and bobbing through traffic as well as fitting into tight parking spaces in town. If you are considering buying this car here is what you need to know.

The Practicability

The Mazda Demio has been very cleverly engineered, although it seems small on the outside it is very spacious on the inside. The car has a decent sized glove box, decent sized centre console pockets hence it provides for a very comfortable interior. The drivers seat can also be moved a bit more than most cars enabling event the shortest of people be able to see through the front windscreen.

The Look

I like the new shape Mazda Demio. The nice cat like eyes for headlamps, the bulging smooth lines along side the exterior the posterior part of the car looks much better than any of its rivals. In sort this is a pretty car, key word here being pretty since the car was initially made to be attractive to asian collage going school girls you can understand why seeing a man buy a Demio for his use can be an issue.

However we found the interior a bit to drab too much plastic and very little luxury so much unlike the Nissan Tiida which has got a much better interior. We also didnt like the wheels this car comes as start with, no alloys, but that can be remedied with simple  after market alloy wheels.

Mazda Demio
Mazda Demio Front Face

Driving, Engines & Performance

The Mazda Demio was made by the same engineers who made the RX 8 so you can expect a car that performs very well even for its puny 1.5l engine.The gear shifts on both the manual and automatic fell very smooth unlike some cars that jerk a bit with every gear change. The engine produces a nice raspy sound when you accelerate making the car feel a bit more sporty and because the car is so light it feels very manageable in traffic if you need to bob in and out of lanes. The Japanese variant comes with slightly hard suspension making the car fell quite uncomfortable on the rougher roads but this trades of with some nice handling during those up country trips especially if you are on some winding roads (Mai Mahiu comes to mind)

Mazda Demio 14 inch wheels
Mazda Demio 14 inch wheels

Reliability and Economy

The Mazda Demio returns a respectable 14kmpl on mixed city and highway driving ( we tested it from Syokimau to Westlands and back on a weekday) hence its a good car to have it will save you a few coins here and there.

The car is solidly built and you should not expect to hear squeaks and rattles from the body soon after you buy the car also given the tiny engine this car although fun is less likely to be abused in the long run.

Mazda Demio
Mazda Demio 1.5L Engine Bay

From the source to the home

The Mazda Demio is a very popular city car in Japan used by both individuals and companies for their ease of use within the city hence if you are getting one from Japan you really have to pay attention to the odometer readings. This cars usually have very high milage. Even though this is the case a 2009 (8year old) Mazda Demio will cost you anywhere between Ksh 133,000 (US$1330) -Ksh 400,000 (us$4000) the very low milage S sport versions will cost up to Ksh 700,000 (us$7000) and these are usually a bit  rare.

A normal ksh 430,000 (us$4300) Mazda Demio will now cost you about ksh 440,000 (us$4400) in taxes just to have it cleared at the port. This car’s price is now up from an average of Ksh700,000 (us$7000) to ksh 870,000 (us$8700) since the government decided to implement the new excise duty law.


Its a good car for people without families of have smaller families. Its fun to drive, has got good fuel milage by Kenyan standards . Its one of the cheaper cars to buy right now if you are strained for cash but if you are really looking for a bargain why don’t you get a Nissan Tiida instead?



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