5 legendary tuner cars you can get in Kenya today

A list of 5 legendary tuner cars you can get in Kenya today

7. Mercedes Benz W201 190 E -1982 -1993

This tuner’s dream was made under the Mercedes 190 platform which Mercedes executives acknowledge was over engineered. This car was developed during the hay days of Mercedes, when attention to detail was never enough and more had to be done to ensure perfection. This car also traded under the Mercedes Benz 190 E platform developed by tuning gods at Cosworth when Mercedes asked for an Audi Quattro crushing monster in preparation for the German Touring Championships.

The W201 190d was the diesel version that had so much ruggedness and longevity that some cars are recorded to have traveled over 700,000kms without any major work on the engine. Talk about over engineered cars!!!

6. Volkswagon GTi


This little minx is one of the most celebrated cars by both fathers and sons in history. From its glory years as a pack leading hot hatchback in the 80s to the boring GTI of the early 2000’s and now the road mincing beast from Germany, this car has gone from hero to zero and back.

The GTI has one of the most reliable engines of any car from the VW family however since the company does not have an in-house tuning company like Mercedes’ AMG, the massive online and user community has ensured that this car keeps on being one of the best tuning platforms of all time.People all over the world keep trying out different things on the car hence creating a huge knowledge base on aftermarket tuning solutions.

5. Honda S2000 API 1999-2003

Honda S2000 -API

This car was one of the most exciting cars to come out of japan. With its straight inline 4 cylinder VTEC engine that would rev up to 9000rpm (most of our cars only rev to 600 rpm). It was also the first major car from Japan to sport the  rear wheel drive configuration.The engine was mounted just behind the front wheels for better handling and damn was this a car to behold.Cool thing to consider is that this was a non-turbo car that people still love to tune!!

4. Mitsubishi Evolution

2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo

No tuning conversation can be complete without us mentioning the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. This car was born out to the crucible of rallying. The Lancer enabled Finland’s Tommi Makinen win the WRC title 4 times between 1996-1999. For the longest time Mitsubishi built a crazy engine sold it and gave away the body as an added bonus ,just kidding, but when you think about it it could be the one of the cheapest cars sold dollar to horsepower considered.


3. Subaru WRX STI

Impreza WRX STI

Forgetting to mention the Subaru in this conversation would be sacrilege. This car was also born out of motor sports chalice of championships, the WRC. This car came with one of the first horizontally imposed engines of our era. Its controversial mad looks made it stand out from a crowd and the 4 wheel system ensured that this car ruled all surfaces, snow, dirt, tarmac you name it. The famously blue and gold monster from the East is the cause most Petrolheads in Kenya deem themselves Collins Mcrae proteges


What do you think petrolhead kenya nation any car you feel needs to be on the list but is not?

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