Mercedes Benz C-Class Review

Mercedes Benz C-Class
2009 Mercedes Benz C-Class

The Mercedes Benz C-Class Review

“I used to drive a Mercedes Benz long before I joined government”. These we the words used by the former Devolution Ministry CS to explain that she already had her own wealth prior to her official appointment. The Mercedes brand has become so synonymous with class that association to it draws pictures of wealth and stature. At least here in Africa it remains as one of the icons of prestige since the days of the great dictators in the 80′ to date where more and more young kenyans are going German.

So what is it about the Mercedes Benz that makes it such a strong brand? In this article we will be writing about the C-Class in particular and what it means to you as a Kenyan buyer looking to purchase one in the future. We shall discuss the W204 C-class model made between 2007- 2014 since this is what most of us would be importing right now.

If you are looking at purchasing a brand new Mercedes Benz C-class everything mentioned in this article will be much improved for the 2014 – 2016 models by a big margin mainly because in 2014 Mercedes introduced Mercedes new small sister the CLA as the least expensive version in the C-Series giving the C-Class freedom to be made better.


The Looks

I used to dislike the looks of the W203 Mercedes Benz C-class mainly because of those conservative looks that made it more suited to 50 year old men going to the golf course for a morning round. The boring looking  round like headlamps that always looked cloudy after sometime, the boring looking grille…basically you get it, the car was a bit on the dull side. However the w204 (2007-2014) is a thing of beauty, it features strong lines, nice angry eyes , an aggressive grille and  a body form that looks ready to pounce. This car is very pretty even though from behind the lights kind of look like those you would find in a  2009 Toyota Premio.

Mercedes Benz C-Class
2009 Mercedes Benz C-Class

The Driving and Performance

The C-Class is a rear wheel drive vehicle which makes it a bit more fun to drive. Most of the C-classes imported into Kenya are the C180’s, C200, C220. The numbers at the end represent engine capacity the C180 has an engine capacity of 1800cc and is the least powerful churning out 156hp while the C220 has a capacity of 2200 cc and churn out about 184hp. To put this into percpective your average Toyota NZE churns out about 110HP so the power is sufficient however I would advise anybody looking to buy these car to go with the C220 and a simple search on will confirm why – They all cost about the same amount of money and the fuel consumption rating are not that far off either!!!

The cabin is really quiet, once you close the doors you are totally isolated from the fracas of the outside world. Trust me you need this after a hard long day at work.The car engulfs you with clean natural leather and when you feel you need further relaxation, a touch of a button reveals a space age infotainment screen from the dashboard ready for your beckoning call.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class
2013-Mercedes-Benz-C-Class interior

The Reliability

The  W204 Mercedes Benz C-class took 3 years in development, the test cars used rode out a combined 24 million Kms in test environments.

The car was tested for drivability on snow, desert conditions, arid and semi arid lands, african condition/tropical roads and much more. All of this shows when you get into the C-Class the body and interior panels feel very well bolted on. When you close the door you are greeted by a nice thud that reminds you that the car is not your run of the mill supermarket cart. Everything has been designed to inspire confidence in the driver that nothing will go wrong. However key items to look out for when you get one of these cars is the suspension system.

Most of the complains we have picked up on online and one – on- one chatter so far stems from suspension issues. Other than that this is a pretty solid car in terms of reliability.

The Practicality

The boot is big enough for 3 medium sized suitcases if you are dropping someone off at the airport. You should however consider carrying shorter passengers at the back because the rear head room is not so great. Also since the car is rear wheel drive the transmission tunnel makes room so limited for the passenger at the middle of the seat such that they have to adopt the fetal position if they hope to get to the destination still conscious.

So buy this car if you are single or it’s just the two of you and you .Once the family gets bigger bestow the joy to some younger individual/couple.



The C-class is a very nice car. The pedigree it has on handling harsher terrains better than its german counterparts makes it  the best choice for a german sedan to be used on these tropical roads. As I mentioned above the brand was used by many 80’s and 90’s african dictators giving Mercedes vital lessons on how to make a luxury vehicle hardy and suited for most occurrences on the road. If you are thinking of owning one you need to think about also joining the Mercedes Benz owners club on ( for help and advice on all things that pertain your car, if you encounter any problem chances are that someone else went  through the same problem and they could save you  the time and money involved with seeking out what’s wrong. You also get to go on legendary road trips  for charity events and so forth until then keep dreaming and saving the Ksh 2.5 million  (USD25,000) needed to purchase a newly imported one.




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