The Mazda Axela Review

Mazda Axela

The Mazda Axela  Review

We probably know this car as the Mazda Axela since the Mazda 3 name is mainly used in America and most of Europe. Since its inception in 2003 the Mazda 3 has been underrated by many car buyers more so  here in Kenya. However to get perspective into how important this car is , you need to look into the  sales performance figures from Mazda…1 out of every 3 Mazdas sold world wide is a Mazda Axela. In the last 10 years or so the company has sold over 3.5 million Mazda 3’s world wide.

So what makes this car so appealing to many people, and why should you care about this car as a normal Kenyan consumer.

The Styling

Thanks to Mazda’s ‘Kodo design language’ which means soul of motion, this very pretty car has been designed to look like its in motion even while at a stand still.This promotes is implied sporty nature. There are very few other cars on our roads today that have the aesthetic appeal of a Mazda Axela. Looking at it you get the sense that the car is a sport car. The interior is spacious enough for a car its size and  with adjustable seats and steering wheel column for the driver. Making it suitable for any driver profile.

Mazda Axela review
2009 Mazda Axela Body Shape

The Driving

Mazda seems to make very nice drivers cars that are fun to drive and offer good power from even the smallest engine. The Mazda 2/Demio, the Mazda 6/ Atenza , the RX 8 and the MX 5 are cars that handle very well on the road and are so much fun to engage with. Few other cars in its class can meet the driving pleasure offered by the car. So rest assured that when you buy this car you will not be buying a milk float  this is as fun as advertised.For maximum fun you should purchase the 2.0 l Mazda Axela and avoid the 1.5 l which is a bit lower on power however this does not affect the handling capability of the car.

Mazda Axela Review
2009 Mazda Axela – in motion design

The Interior

The Mazda Axela’s interior may be a bit of a let down to the looks designed for the exterior of the car. Everything inside the Mazda feels cheap due to the excess amount of hard plastic used to form the dash and other control. However with Mazda seeking to create a better car that can rumble at the top with its new rivals the Audi A3 and the BMW 1 series, the 2014 -15  version has received some upgrades with soft touch material for the interior.This gives it  a more upmarket feel.

Mazda Axela review
2009 Mazda Axela interior

The Practicality

The Mazda Axela is a practical car  providing sufficient leg room and head room for all passengers it can carry. However the boot is a bit of a downer being on the smaller side. This problem is more specific to the sedan designs however the 5 door hatchback variant has more space in the back. The engine returns great fuel milage  with an average of 13kmpl combines i.e. Highway driving mixed with  town driving. This is achieved by the Skyactive  engine management software installed to ensure that the engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

Mazda Axela Design
The New Mazda Axela – Stunning


The Mazda Axela is a nice budget car for the driver seeking to stand out from the fray. However even though this car is nice you need to be aware that resale value here in Kenya is not so great simply because very few people actually buy Mazdas (well apart from the Demio which has seen great success). Those who know cars would probably remember the Mazda Familia which had more than a few reliability issues prompting many Kenyan drivers to doubt the ability of Mazda making nice cars. However the new Mazdas are a huge improvement from the Familia car with build quality that can rival that of the german cars.

Parts are also not very easy to find however most of the parts you will need for this car can be bought at CMC and some Japanese parts importers so if you do some digging you are bound to get the parts.

Lets just hope that the Mazda 3 will achieve the success its smaller sister (Mazda Demio) did in the Kenyan market simply because it is a great car. Locally you can get a used one for a little less than Ksh 1 million (us$ 10,000) however you  can call up CMC and order a brand new car which will set you back between ksh 2.8 m and ksh 3.5 m Looking for something unique? Why not try out this car.

Suitability for the market
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  1. I am thinking of buying a car in the long run but i don’t want a demio. The Axela caught my eye coz of the sporty look but since I don’t know much about cars (although I know aesthetics are not enough), I decided to go digging and came across your blog. Very helpful for people who want to understand cars. I was particularly interested in knowing about the reliability of the Axela. Good job. Now I can start saving up for this sexy guy!


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