The Nissan Teana how does it compare?

Nissan Teana Review Kenya
Nissan Teana Exterior 2009-2013 version

Nissan Teana Review

The Teana was positioned as one of Nissan’s Luxury sedans that competes with some german cars like the E-Class and the 5 series for people who do not think it’s necessary to spend all their money buying a car german sedan. It is a brilliant, comfortable ride with as much space as a small house.However what about the Teana makes it Nissan’s best shot at luxury in its segment?

Our review today will mainly consider the j32 Nissan Teana produced between 2009 and 2013 as this is what most people will be importing this coming year.


The car has been made for luxury which means you get to shut yourself off from the outside world when you get into the car. The premium sound system does well to ensure that the noise from the outside does not disrupt your conversations  while you are driving along the noisy streets of Nairobi. Perhaps the best thing about this car is how opulent it looks on the inside.The seats and the dash are all covered in two tone bright leather with wooden accents used to cover some areas of the doors and the dash board. The Teana’s interior is something even a Windsor golf and country club member would appreciate as it spells out Opulence in capital letters.The car also sports what Nissan calls vibration absorption cushions that reduce vibrations for all the driver and passengers of the vehicle. Talk about making you feel as if you are seated on a flock of sheep!

Nissan Teana Review Kenya
Nissan Teana Interior 2009 -2013 Version


Am not a huge fan of the Teana’s exterior simply because it makes the car look a bit too big and cumbersome, this look is further exacerbated by the small 16 inch wheels that the huge body looks like it’s squishing under all that mass . However the head and tail lights look very good and work well to give the car that luxurious look of refinement. The front grill is woeful , I actually do not know what nissan was thinking when they came up with that grill however they seem to have corrected it in the 2015 version Teana which looks much better.

Nissan Teana Review Kenya
Nissan Teana Exterior 2009-2013 version

The handling

Now since this is a big car meant for simple luxurious drives this car move around corners as a house would. However the car simply glides over bumps and potholes due to the brilliant soft suspension setup that is meant to reduce the amount of body movement as much as possible.Since 2009 Nissan has installed a shock absorbers with in built active spring rebound technology that minimise body roll during driving making the car feel a bit more controlled.

The light steering feel is perfect for driving within the city, you can easily turn the steering wheel with one hand as you sip coffee with the other. However this light steering feel does not provide very precise feedback . The Teana can be forgiven since it’s not a sports car am sure you will be very happy with the steering feel.

Nissan Teana Review Kenya
Nissan Teana Centre Console


The Teana is big all round, there is ample space for all passengers and the driver, large storage cabin holes ,cup holders for the rear passengers, and boot you can loose two people in.However what stood out for me as an issue is that the rear seats can only take two people comfortably. This means that you won’t have space to carry your 4 brothers and sisters with you on that next trip up-country. What Nissan has done for passenger comfort is to cushion up the rear seats and bolster the outer edges of the seats so much that the middle seat gets sort of squished in there, it’s like buying a 5 bedroom house yet you can’t use all because one is to be used specifically to drink coffee?

The Nissan Teana has many other toys that assist the driver during

The Performance

The J32 Teana  produced  between 2009 – 2013 (which is what most Kenyans will be buying from Japan) has a 2.5 Litre v6 engine that produces twice as much power as the basic Toyota Belta. That is 183 HP at 6000 rpm. This means that despite the bulk body the Teana has what it takes to be a quick car. It can definitely ferry the whole family from point A to B without struggling. Nissan however installed a CVT transmission to the car which to be honest feels a bit sluggish when you put your foot down  this is the reason why the Teana does 0-100 kmph in 11 seconds  which is Toyota Corolla territory. This means therefore that this is a car meant for comfortable cruising rather than a mad dash on the highway.

Nissan Teana Review Kenya
Nissan Teana Rear


The fuel consumption is about 9 kmpl city which is decent despite the size however you could get the Mark X which  could do a bit better. Nissan parts are also not very cheap and available as Toyota parts.


Long story short, this is a brilliant car. If you want to experience European luxury without necessarily having to invest  heavily to get it, this is the car you need. To get this car you will need to spend anywhere between Ksh 1.2 m- 1.4 m depending on the quality of the car you will be purchasing.


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