This is the best and simplest way to maintain your gearbox

Transmission Fluid

This is the best and simplest way to maintain your gearbox

As many of us can attest dealing with gearbox damage can be very costly mainly because of the parts, the labour and time you have to pay for. Those of us who use cars with manual gearboxes have it easy but those using the automatic and CVT gearboxes are usually forced to buy new ones or go through massive reconditioning  whenever there is a failure with any of the gears.So what does transmission oil have to do with it?

First of all before we proceed I would like to point out that CVT transmissions are extremely hard to fix, in most cases you will need to take your car to the authorised dealers to have the transmission fixed so please do not trust your mechanic when they tell you that they can fix the transmission or know someone who can. Most CVT transmissions are usually sealed systems meaning that the manufacturer expects you to use them as they are throughout the lifespan of the car without the need to open them up. This means that fixing a broken CVT transmission should cost you as much as buying a new one so.. just buy a new one.

So if you own an auto or CVT gearbox some of the faults that can be detected usually include some gears not engaging or huge power loses, whining sound and loss of power in some instances caused by the slipping of gears or total lack of movement when you engage drive.  When these things happen the first course of action should be to have an electronic diagnosis done so as to establish where the problem is emanating from. In some cases the Transmission Control Module usually goes bust which  means that you may need to buy a new one or have it reprogrammed. It could be control selenoids that need replacement or just the gears slipping due to lack of traction.

Check your Transmission Oil

However if the problem does not appear to be electronic you should consider getting the transmission fluid drained and new transmission fluid put in. Most vehicle manufacturers are usually very particular about the kind and brand of transmission fluid that should be used so make sure that you go through the internet and establish which fluid should be used for your exact model. If you get this wrong your cars transmission is sure to bring you problems down the road. So avoid buying those petrol station transmission fluids, they could be poison to your car.

Transmission Oil
Use only genuine CVT oil as recommended by the manufacturer

Once the transmission oil has been removed have the oil pan and transmission oil filter removed and do a quick visual inspection. The color of the transmission oil  should be close to the original color (most oils are usually red, pink or green in color so check to ensure that the oil is not black or dark brown) and should not smell burnt. If this is the case then you surely were due to change the oil. Observe the bottom of the oil pan. Any metallic specks gold or silver in color will indicate that your gears have been grinding on each other which means that your gearbox has mechanical damage however if there is a slight black ,deep gray paste at the bottom then your gear box should be largely ok and the addition of the new transmission fluid should be enough and your car should go back to normal.

Transmission Oil
Normal Oil Pan
Transmission Oil
Oil Pan with metal specks – Bad

So the secret to a healthy gearbox is the proper change of gearbox oil, using the proper oil recommended by your manufacture. If you skip this important procedure that should be carried out at least every 40,000Kms you will surely buy a new gearbox down the road.




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