Google App- That Personal Assistant Every Driver needs

Google App for drivers

Google App- That Personal Assistant Every Driver needs

How much would it cost to hire an assistant that will always be at your beckoning call whenever you need him or her. An assistant that will spend time with you 24 hours a day seven days a week.  Well it probably goes without saying that very few of us can afford such a luxury..right.What if i told you that you can now afford an assistant born from technology  for free.

As technology continues to become more and  more intelligent we continue to find easier ways of doing things reducing the impact of menial tasks on our time each and every day. Technology has been used to help us get to the moon, it has helped us diagnose disease and travel at speeds faster that that of sound however it is the little things technology does that makes us appreciate how much our lives have been made much easier. In this regard today i will talk about a personal assistant app that will change the life of the average driver in such a big way.

A few months ago google announced that it had launched the Google app , a personal assistant app that would enable people perform simple tasks like make calls, send SMSs, navigate through the busy streets and even make searches for social joints and much more. All these things can be done through voice commands making this app a must have for any Kenyan driver mainly because  using it barely distracts from the intensive role of the Kenyan driver on our chaotic roads.

With the google app you can actually know how long it will take you to travel from point A to B even before you set of on your journey. You can preset common destinations like your home, work and even your favorite local and with a simple voice command you can ask Google App how long it will take you to get home and Google App will answer you telling you that it will take approximately 20 mins and even give you the traffic conditions  helping you make a decision in good time. The App can also identify your travel patterns and send you reminders based on the time you typically go home letting you know what the traffic situation is.

So you get into your car, Google App has already told you which route to use and how long it will take you to go home then you remember that one of your friends would had invited you for a cup of coffee and you have to meet up however you do not know where this coffee place is at. All you need to do is ask Google App to call your friend, the default voice command to activate Google App is “Okay Google”. So the App calls your friend and he tells you to meet up at the Java situated inside ABC place Waiyaki way. You realize that you don’t know where that is so you ask Google App to help you find the directions, “Okay google navigate to ABC place Westlands”. Google App helps you find your away to that place.Then you realize that your friend is a football fanatic and you would like to have something interesting to talk about, you can actually ask Google App to give you the scores of last nights Italy Vs Germany match from the Euro Cap and google will actually tell you the scores and who scored at what time! This personal assistant approach is so fantastic especially because all these things can be done without lifting the phone .

Basically this system replaces the cumbersome systems that come with our cars from Japan an China, most don’t understand our accent, most are in foreign language that we don’t understand and none have local search features we can use in our day to day lives. If you want to make your car smarter then this is the solution for you. Get a personal assistant for free to help make your life easier.


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