This Croatian Super Car is Faster than a Ferrari La Ferrari

RIMAC Concept One makes a Ferrari La Ferrari look slow

OK I know we all appreciate the power and the grunt of a big V8 engine, the roar of the exhaust, the animosity of the movementĀ  and the general feeling of excitement when you put your foot on the accelerator pedal. However petrol and diesel powered cars are quickly becoming dinosaurs , soon they will be relics of the past is what has been going on in the auto world continues. A few years ago electric cars used to be shopping trolleys slow , unexciting and boring. The users of these cars would console the boredom of driving electric cars with the prospects of saving the planet.

Now there are new cars out there, electric cars that will totally blow your mind cars like the BMW i8 and now the Rimac Concept One and the Rimic Concept S. These cars are faster than the 600 horsepower Tesla Model s, the 900 horsepower Ferrari la Ferrari one of the fastest cars on the planet. See the video here

Beating the Tesla Model S

In the video we see the Tesla Model S in Ludicrous mode totally getting smashed by the Rimac Concept oneĀ  in a drag race. It would be good to note that the Tesla Model S is one of the quickest cars on earth a car that beats even some very impressive super cars. This car is quick however here it totally gets destroyed by the Rimac.

The Ferrari La Ferrari still bows down

The Ferrari La Ferrari is supposed to be faster on paper from 0-100kmph however in this particular test it also struggles to keep up with the insane Rimac concept one all electric car. The Rimac manages to do this thanks to its four electric motors connected to each wheel giving the car instant maximum torque off the line. The Ferrari also has the benefit of the hybrid engine however the electric motor power out put cannot match that of the Croatian made super car.

rimac concept oneThis is the future of motoring. However it is important to note that even though the Rimac concept one is Quick it is not as fast as the Ferrari which has a top speed that exceeds 355kmph (Ferrari has recorded higher numbers than this however official figures are unavailable)rimic concept oneWho know that the Croatians can make super cars?




  1. It’s quite impressive to see electric vehicles beating the giants at their own game. I believe that Electric Vehicles are the future. Actually, the ‘future has arrived’! And there are high chances that you might need a name change when the car in front of you becomes a Tesla (or a fully electric Toyota) – Good luck!


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