Nissan Juke – A car with a lot of personality

Nissan Juke Nismo
Nissan Juke and the Juke R

Nissan Juke – a car with a lot of personality

The Nissan Juke was launched in 2010 as a normal run around car developed to enable people have a sporty cross over that was both practical and economical. However as the years went by Nissan began toying with the idea of making the Juke do more for a wider segment of customers . Nissan was on a mission to completely change the dynamics of the cross over market . Nissan wanted to make a statement, that even ‘mom’s shopping trolley’ can be a missile of wheels.

The Juke was initially produced as a run of the mill Cross Over with a small 1.6 Liter engine producing about 93 BHP and another variant producing 115 BHP at 6000 rpm. Basically the small engine was very economical however the unconventional Bat-Mobile like looks appealed to different audience that saw the Juke’s potential for a racing car. This car was for those people looking for something different.It was for those who dared to imagine that an SUV can be both practical and unconventional, today we look into how this car has become one for all men and women, a car which upon launch was expected to sell only 1300  units per month worldwide but ended up selling over 10,300 units with the first month.

Nissan Juke
Nissan Juke 2015

The engine

Nissan built a simple small but efficient engine with the 1600cc displacement being preferred for this supposedly bulky looking car. The base model produced only 93 BHP that was less than the power produced by the Toyota vitz at the time. However clever engineering still gave the car that impression of controlled power. The looks eventually inspired Nissan to make a Juke that was a bit faster hence the development of the Juke Nismo  and the Juke Nismo RS both producing about 188 BHP and 215 BHP respectively.

Officially the Juke Nismo RS is Nissan’s top of the range Juke, however a British company known as RML developed a 600 BHP limited edition Juke that was so powerful and insane that everybody wanted one. However since this was a limited edition vehicle  only 23 have ever been made with each fetching over USD 400,000 dollars. Suffice to say even Nissan’s official company website does not sell this car out in the open market.

Nissan Juke
Nissan Juke 1600cc engine source
Nissan Juke R
Nissan Juke R engine source


The small engine design ensures that this car still gives very good mileage on the road even if you are driving the turbocharged Nismo S and Nismo  RS. This enables the driver to have a bit of fun on the road without burning a hole in his/her pocket. However the tight dimensions on the interior do little to help the car rate highly with those consumers looking for something more practical. So if you are looking to make this a school errand’s machine you may have to forget that for now and go for the Nissan  Dualis or the Xtrail.


This car is refined with high quality materials that signify Nissan’s design being used on the interior however it is good to note  that the instrument cluster in this car is a bit chunkier than in the other Nissan sedans probably so as to ensure that driver comfort is assured while driving. Enough about the run of the mill Juke this is the real reason for writing this article …the Nissan Juke GTR

The Juke GTR

This probably the craziest car to come from Nissan. A Frankenstein beast  by nature. The Juke GTR’s engine has been engineered to produce over 600 BHP this is super car power in a car that looks like a bug!!!But it is not surprising given that the car borrows the beating heart of probably Nissan’s greatest achievement to date…the Nissan GTR super car.

In order to bump up the power  from the puny 1600cc Juke engine to the bigger 3600cc double turbo Nissan GTR engine proportions had to be adjusted this meant taking the Nissan GTR chassis, cutting it into two, chopping off a small part and then welding it back together so that it could fit the shorter body of the Juke. The interior body panels were also adjusted to retrofit some GTR parts giving the car some genuine GTR looks within the little Juke.

Nissan Juke Nismo
Nissan Juke Nismo and the Juke Nismo RS source: Nissan Global Website

Sadly very few units have been produced by the British auto performance engineering company RML (which produces this car for Nissan) and are only produced within very limited quantities. This Frankenstein monster was not meant to be however back in 2012 one of the 2 prototypes produced was engaged in a super car race in the process impressing some billionaires in Dubai who wanted the car so bad and even willing to part with over USD 400,000 to have the car.

Here as some videos of the Nissan Juke GTR smoking some super cars




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