World’s first turbine powered car to be unveiled by chinese firm Techrules

GT 96 Turbine Engine Supercar

World’s first turbine powered car to be unveiled

Chinese super car maker Techrules is finally making inroads on developing the very first turbine engine super car on the plant. The firm has indicated that the car may be ready for its world debut sooner than expected. Rumors are rife that the production-ready car will be ready in time for the  next year’s Geneva motor show. The car dubbed GT 96 will be the worlds first attempt at a turbine engine car since 1963-64 Chrysler Turbine car developed by America Chrysler and partners in Giya Italy.

What is a Turbine Powered Car

Some of you may be asking what a Turbine car is? Well a turbine engine car is exactly that,  car that does not use the normal conventional pistons or electric arrangement we are used to. Turbine cars use hot gases to propel the car forward, basically the engine has a compressor that compresses massive amounts of air so as to dramatically increase its temperature. The hot air passes through the combustion chamber where a single spark plug ignites further increasing the temperature causing the air to expand and move out of the combustion chamber turning the turbines/gears that move the car .
These engines do not have pistons, valves, tappets conrods, and even radiators since the engine is self cooling. These engines are so smooth idling at around 22,000 rpm. Your normal Subaru or Toyota probably idles at 800 rpm.The GT 96 for example ran at around 44,500 rpm!.
Turbine engines can use almost any kind of combustible liquid to move, the GT 96 for example have been run on Tequila, Kerosene, Cologne and many other forms of combustible liquids.These engines can actually be sealed for life, requiring very little maintenance.
The biggest draw backs with these cars was the fuel mileage which sucked within city driving which is quite obvious since turbine engines idle at around 22,000 rpm, we just can imagine at what speed the engine will be moving to power a super car.
The engine sounds like a jet engine, like a massive vacuum cleaner.
We just can’t wait to see this car in action especially since Techrules gave the whole world a sneak peak into what the performance numbers look like:-
  • 1030 BHP
  • 2.5 sec 0-62
  • Six electric motors
  • Top speed – 217 mph

Well I know you also saw the electric motor part right? The GT96 will be a TREV meaning Turbine Electric hence , it would be interesting to see how it competes against the heavier McLaren P1.

World's First Turbine Supercar
GT 96 Turbine Engine Supercar

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