Which Spark plug is best for your car’s performance

Which Spark plug is best for your car’s performance

Spark plugs are very essential to the car. These small ceramic wrapped objects deliver electric current directly to the combustion chamber in the form of a spark so as to ignite the compressed air fuel mixture. Without spark plugs the car would not start, the car would quite literally be useless.

Spark plug condition also affect the performance of a car. Spark plugs in bad condition will lead to loss of power. So how do you know that your plugs have gone kaput?

Slower Acceleration

Your car will accelerate slower with a bit more vibration than normal. This will usually happen because the spark plugs don’t produce the spark as expected in terms of timing i.e. the spark plug firing up before the air fuel mixture is primed for combustion this is what most of us know as misfiring.

This slow acceleration may also be attributed to other factors like clogged air filters, clogged fuel injectors or even ineffective or faulty Oxygen sensors.

Rough Idle

If the car vibrates a lot more while the car is in Neutral gear you may need to check out the spark plugs as they could be worn.

High fuel consumption

Spark plug produce as spark that helps burn all the air fuel mixture in the combustion chamber of the engine during normal operation. However if the spark plugs are not working correctly then there is a high chance that some of the fuel may not be burnt hence leading the car to use more fuel just to achieve the same amount of power as it normally would using the same amount of fuel.

The car  may have trouble starting

If the car does not start as expected it could point to a bottle neck in the electrical system. It could either be the starter motor , a flat battery or fault spark plugs that do not produce a spark to turn the car over.

Now if your car suffers these symptoms you may consider changing the spark plugs however which ones should you buy?

Thankfully the answer is much simpler than it used to be a few years ago. We will begin by looking at the different types of spark plugs out there in the market.

Types of Spark Plugs

Copper spark plugs

These have a solid copper core and  usually have a bigger core that requires more current to initiate the spark. These plugs are best for older (from the 80’s and before) vehicle types.

Copper Spark plugs Platinum spark plugs

Platinum spark plugs are a step up from the copper spark plugs. They last a bit longer mainly due to the harder platinum material electrodes . These are perfect for use on the newer cars and can last as long as 50,000 kms.

Single platinum spark plug

Iridium spark plugs

Iridium spark plugs are the best spark plugs you can buy for your car. These usually tend to be a bit more expensive mainly due to the harder and more expensive iridium metal. This iridium tip is usually made smaller due to its cost.It also burns a bit more efficiently than the other types of spark plugs and lasts at least 25% longer than the  platinum spark plugs.

So which spark plug brands are the best?

This below information is based on Amazon’s user satisfaction rating based on different spark plug brands sold through Amazon in the year 2016. NGK standard plugs seem to still offer superior user satisfaction.


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