10 Reasons why you should consider buying a brand new car

10 Reasons why you should consider buying a brand new car 

The old belief that new vehicles are too expensive for anyone to afford is rapidly fading away, especially with the late efforts from the government encouraging the buying of brand new cars. Research shows, used cars have many disadvantages to the country as they negatively affect the economy in the long run.Should you consider buying a brand new car in a country where used imports are comprise the biggest chunk of imports after industrial machinery and oil?

Believe it or not  there are immense benefits of new vehicles to citizens once you see beyond the price tag. It could actually cost you more expensive to own a used car in terms of the actual buying price, maintenance cost, fuel cost and carbon emission. However aside from this there are other reasons why buying a brand new car can be beneficial to you in the long run.

  1. Its new

A brand new car provides the kind of pride you only get from being the first. You do not have to worry about historical issues that mainly have to do with how the previous owner(s) used or treated the car. A new car is your own and you begin writing the story for that car on your own. It wins both heart and mind.

2. Warranties

Some cars come with very comprehensive warranties. In Kenya today cars like the Jaguar XE comes with a 5 year warranty or 150,000 km warranty , whichever comes first. Given that the average well off customers goes through 1 car every 3 years this is actually a very good bet for keeping the costs of major repairs down.

3. Better emission and fuel economy numbers

Newer cars have better conditioned parts, you cannot compare these cars to the 8 year old imports from other countries that have undergone extensive wear and tear over the years. The condition of the engine in a new car guarantees that the car will continue performing at optimal levels consuming less fuel than an older car, the difference may be significant if you count the many times you fuel each week during the ownership of the car.

image courtesy of jeep.ca
image courtesy of jeep.ca

4. Repairs are few and far in between

Think  about how often you take your car to the garage and how much you pay per trip. Most Kenyans spend thousands on car repairs every year this does not take into account the servicing costs that come with this. Some vital parts like shocks ,bushes, gearboxes, bearings e.t.c all wear down eventually and cost a lot to fix in the long run. On average most users spend over Kshs 50,000 – Kshs 300,000 annually just to keep cars on the road. This can easily be avoided by buying new cars on warranty.

5. Buying new cars is now easier

It is easier to just walk into a show room here in Kenya and purchase the car of your dreams. A lot of banks and financial institutions offer financing for brand new cars at affordable rates making it easier for one to avoid the complexities involved in importing second hand cars or having to do a lot of due diligence on used cars. As we said before you will be the first to write the story for your preferred car. The government also provides concessions to various automakers making cars coming into the country cheaper.

6. Brand new cars are now cheaper

A few years back the cheapest brand new car anyone could find in the show rooms was north of Kshs 2 Million. Today you can find a car for a little as Kshs 995,000 in the mobius 2 or the Renault Kwid for about Kshs 1.3 million or the Ford Fiesta for Ksh 1.2 million all these brand new!!! With warranty… Well if you can afford it.

Reasons why you should consider buying a new car
The mobius 2. Locally manufactured car
Caption: www.mobius.com

7. You can customize your car as you would like

With the advent of more assembling stations for automakers in the country you can actually customize your car to suit your taste and preference. You can even include different bells and whistles to your car hence giving you the freedom of making your car yours aligned to your taste.

8. You can now purchase locally assembled cars 

The government is now exerting more focus  on inviting car manufacturers to come and invest in car assembling business in the country. This is evidenced by the return of the German automaker, Volkswagen group. It used to operate in the country during the 60’s and 70’s, whereby it was involved in manufacturing micro buses, Volkswagen vans and the famous Kombi. Locally assembled cars are cheaper to purchase and maintain since all the parts are locally available.

Production of locally assembled vehicles is expected to spectacularly shoot-up with the treasury scraping off 20 percent tax on all locally assembled or manufactured vehicles. It’s obvious that with a good car dealer you’ll get your brand new dream car at affordable rates more easily right here in Kenya. So, be smart!

reasons why you should consider buying a new car9. You car remains newer for longer and serve you for longer.

A 10 year old car bought new in the country will always look much better than a 10 year old car imported from another country used. Have you ever asked yourself why a KAW OR KAX car still looks too new? Now you know , it was probably bought brand new locally.

Whilst other people my have to buy up to 3 cars in 10 years at the cost of Kshs 1.1M  each  and an additional Kshs 200,000 – Kshs 300,000 on repairs and maintenance you may only need to keep 1 car bought at Kshs 4M with limited major repairs and a lot of piece of mind.

10. Enjoy hassle free car ownership

Buying a new car can also have its disadvantages , you will be forced to pay a higher price for insurance and suffer the brunt of the initial cost. But if you want hassle free car ownership, it just might be you simplest answer.



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