Car technology continues to grow however we are lagging behind here in Kenya hence this page seeks to provide news on what is new, what you can get here in Kenya and what is the next big car technology that all Kenyan motorists will want in the near future.

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A future without traffic jams?

Anyone on the road is painfully aware of the staggering costs of traffic jams. The opportunity cost of fuel and time efficiency cost the...

Torque vs Horsepower; which is better?

Horsepower vs Torque To many horsepower and torque mean very little especially when you are looking to buy a car. Most people look to the...
google traffic alerts nairobi

Google Traffic Alerts what every Kenyan Driver needs today

Google Traffic Alerts Last week google unveiled the Traffic Alerts feature on its Google Maps application for use in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa enabling...

BMW Launches the 6 Series Grand Coupe

BMW 6 Series Grand Coupe The BMW 6 series is the largest coupe in the market. It incorporates a great look and good performance with...

The Formula One Big 4 dominance is here to stay

The Formula One Big 4 dominance is here to stay Formula One fans were ecstatic when they heard F1's Commercial Director Bernie Ecclestone proposed  to...

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