Car technology continues to grow however we are lagging behind here in Kenya hence this page seeks to provide news on what is new, what you can get here in Kenya and what is the next big car technology that all Kenyan motorists will want in the near future.

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car wash

How the car wash is destroying your car’s paint

How the car wash is destroying your cars paint We have all taken our cars to the car wash guys. These guys are hard working...

What would you do with KSh 30 million? Buy a Porsche?

Porsche panamera turbo s executive A few days ago the talk of the town was all about the young Luo man who bought his girlfriend...


KAYOOLA: UGANDA’S PREMIER SOLAR POWERED BUS While we’ve busy complaining about the 12 hours of tropical sun here in Kenya, engineers in Uganda have been...

Diesel Vs Petrol Engines – Which are better

Diesel Vs Petrol Engines When people always ask about the type of car they should buy. Many ask about the color, the size the make etc....
Torque app for car diagnostics kit

Get Your Own Car Diagnostics Kit

The power of Car Diagnostics Kits A few years back many of us had not heard about  car ECU let along diagnostic tools that could...

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