Car tuning in Kenya is always an issue. Mainly because we still do not have very specialized labor to ensure that those complex tuning projects can be achieved. However for the enthusiastic motor lover in Kenya here are a few car tuning in kenya projects you could do during your weekend.

Tuning Video's Courtesy of /Drive

bad ass tune up on a budget

Bad Ass Tune Up on a budget

Bad Ass Tune up on a budget- Weekend projects So you finally got bored on your Toyota Corolla, Allion or Mitsubishi Lancer's looks and are...

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

BUGATTI VEYRON SUPER SPORT Bugatti Veyron super sport - 418KPH, 2 million pounds Bugatti, a name drawn through history, borne from the exciting world of motor racing....
Fastest Accelerating Cars

Fastest Accelerating Cars in the World – Road Legal

Fastest Accelerating Cars in the World Super Cars and HyperCars are becoming faster and faster today. However not all of them are road legal, some...




BMW X6- First Drive

Where do we start  with the BMW X6 is a  product from Bavaria autos that looks like a sleek Coupe begot a baby with...

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